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Machine Readable Files - Table Of Contents

Interactive Medical Systems, Corp is a licensed third party administrator providing administrative services to our clients' self funded healthcare benefit plans. Our clients, acting as the Plan Sponsor for their respected healthcare plans, have contracted with both national and regional Preferred Provider Organization (PPOs) for access to their network participating hospitals, physicians, laboratories and clinics in order to obtain discounted rates for services. This site has been created to support our Plan Sponsors pricing transparency efforts by hosting files and hyperlinks to federally mandated machine readable files. The following table of content files are updated monthly and contain links to each Plan's in-network negotiated rate files which are created and maintained by the independently contracted PPO networks. The table of content files also contain links to historical out-of-network rate charge files.


If you encounter a technical problem while attempting to access machine readable files, please e-mail Interactive Medical Systems IT Support, or call (800) 426-8739.